Doula service

Role of a Doula

I believe the emotional and physical support given to a laboring woman is a unique art form. Birth is an important emotional journey, and continuous support during labour greatly influences – not only her child’s birth but also the woman’s ability to embrace her role as a mother.

With the support of a doula – antenatally, during birth, and postnatally – I believe a mother is able to take control of her own birth. This process starts with the mother’s beliefs about birth and about her own abilities and strengths to achieve this goal.

Labour support is about relationships and empowering the labouring woman. How a woman is supported during birth can transform the event into one of courageous power. Although it is the mother that does the actual work of birth, the sense of connection between the doula and the couple energises both parties.

I believe that creative, natural solutions can greatly assist a woman in birth.

Childbirth is a powerful force to be respected, and a caring heart enables the mother to feel safe enough to yield to the forces of labour and allow her baby to be born. My hope is that, whatever the outcome of your birth, it will remain with you as a positive memory.

Breast feeding support

Breast Feeding

Women are made to breastfeed as much as babies are born to suckle. This is the most precious relationship that develops between a mother and her child and which influences them for life. Most women need support in developing these skills.